Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tracey Tawhiao's Subversion

Our current objective in art is to research and learn about subversion in art using methods like thumbnail sketches.

One of our objectives is to take notes from the the following website:

Art is meant to subvert

The shortest I can make it is that art is supposed to subvert, it is supposed to challenge humanity and cause anger. It said you don't want to create art that everybody will just accept because that isn't art it's just entertainment.

Another task was to take a few of Tracey Tawhiao's art works and create thumbnail sketches of them:

Within Tracey's work the act of subversion is shown in the process of painting over a newspaper written in English. Tracey is a Maori artist so by doing this it is almost as if she is trying to cover up the English part of New Zealand. She doesn't make make much of an attempt to hide the fact that she is doing it over something being that sometimes she'll let things like words show through. When she paints she uses Maori patterns as if to say that the country should belong to the Maori more than the British.

For our final task we are to completely describe one of her works:
Within this piece you can see that she used Maori patterns, she used bright colors to make it stand out even more. Ones like the fish draw your eye due to the complexity and the dark green Maori pattern stands out because it's hard to see. Six words were intentionally left uncovered as if to say the whole story isn't important just a small part. Growth eclipses hold lessons for life, it could also be interpreted as, to grow things need to block out the obvious parts of life.

I'd guess that's all if not whoops.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday 'flection

 For Wananga we are to reflect upon something, we weren't really given boundaries so I went for something out of the way.

Text title: Hotel Transylvania 3

Text Type: Film Clip

Text Creator: The animation director is Genndy Tartakovsky

Reflection Question: In whose interest is this text?

Release Date: 13 June 2018

The main audience intended for this text is those within the age range of 6+. The text is rated pg due to animated violence, AKA the kraken attack. The text is intended to be a family movie as it contains a mix of quirky characters and action scenes.

That is pretty much all we have to do, enjoy this will happen again.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

WTE Sentence Examples

The Simple Sentence:

He was one of the fastest people on the track.

The Very Short Sentence:

Mining may end in death.

The Power Sentence:

The assassination of the king caused the nations Downfall.

Red, White, and Blue Sentence:

The pipes driped, the walls drooped, and the tenants were piles of bones.

The Adverb Start Sentence:

Oddly, the treasury wasn't looted, maybe because of a curse.

Begin With a Preposition Sentence:

Within a day, A focused man can do a lot.

The -ING Suffix Start Sentence:

Winning requires everyone else to lose, if you don't lose no one else wins.

The -ED Suffix Start Sentence:

Tired he lumbered his way to do what needed doing, bread doesn't bake itself.

The Semi-Colon Sentence:

The wall was in the way; the wall was discovered to be weak.

The Em-Dash Sentence:

A dragon -so far only known in legend- was a powerful force that could decimate cities.

The W-Start Sentence:

While on a walk, the man fell down a ditch.

Explore The Subject Sentence:

The man loosed most his secrets, known for having too many, yet still managed to keep some dark ones himself.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Shane Cotton & Tracey Tawhiao

For art we are tasked with studying two New Zealand artists and learning about their work and creating a mood board. I have been doing some research on the artworks of Shane Cotton and Tracey Tawhiao. What I have discovered is that Tracey paints a lot of bright patterns on top of news paper. Shane on the other hand seems to use a lot less bright colors. Here is my mood board:

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Holiday Alphabet

 Over the duration of the end of year holidays I didn't do much other than sleep....

Though that is true, I would rather make my holidays sound cooler than they were. For most of the rest of my time I binged Netflix and YouTube series like 'The Dawn Of The Croods' and 'Stampys Lovely World'. I did at one point go out and buy a Nintendo switch then proceeded to play the free games until I managed to buy 'Let's Go Eevee'. With the purchase of Let's Go Eevee I played through it in a few days and went back to binging YouTube. With the long gap between seeing my friends back at school and leaving school I had a chance to make presents for my friends. For some of my friends I made interlocking puzzle piece necklaces decorated with a custom pattern and glitter. For another friend I whittled down a stick into a wand-ish shape and bought the last friend a flake because I forgot to make her anything. The only exciting thing I did was play Minecraft for a long time, I'd tell you what I made but that's a secret. I guess this was probably bad but I forgot to eat important meals and ate snacks instead, staying in my room for most of the holiday.

Ate snacks
Christmas present crafts
Dragon books
Forgot to sleep
Investigated pokemon
Knifed at wood
Let’s go eevee
Made homemade Ice cream
Nintendo switch purchased
Opened Christmas presents
Played minecraft
Questioned the look of my buildings
Rode Arcanine and Valiant my steed
Tried to sleep through Christmas day
Unpacked renovation boxes
Visited a friend
Xbox memes

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Discovery work

 Within heath we were instructed to complete a task where we created a DLO around a topic of our choice in groups if we wanted. The topic my group chose was regarding transgender in sport and from there we created a pile of memes.

firstly we had to answer some self chose 5 BIG questions regarding the topic we had chosen. We answered the questions in a slide with the info we had gathered online.

Then it was time to create our DLO of 10 memes.

I am glad I chose said topic to do because it allowed me to take some of the information and apply it to another class. See school isn't useless, you can use school stuff in school.


 Santa claus, Sinterklaas, Father Christmas, St. Nicholas, what do they all have in common? They're all the same person.

The modern Santa claus is based off of the Dutch Sinterklaas which comes from Turkey's St. Nicholas, the saint of children and sailors.

Sinterklaas was known for riding a white horse along side Black Peter, Black Peter took children away in a sack.

St. Nicholas would throw a sack of coins down the chimney which were collected in socks left out to dry.